Marketers know the more relevant the targeting and the message is to the audience, the better the performance. SMARTsites are the ultimate in contextually relevant messaging and content marketing, resulting in 3-5x ad performance and content engagements than standard sponsorships.

Focused on a specific theme of your choice, SMARTsites offer a blend of original editorial, created specifically for the site, with a single sponsor’s thought leadership resources to provide a digital information center that dives deep into key topics. This original independent editorial – written without influence from the sponsor – enables us to promote the SMARTsite via editorial channels not available with other sponsorships.

The result is a highly-relevant thought leadership context to showcase your company’s expertise with a highly-focused clickstream back to your solution. For this reason, SMARTsites outperform from traditional microsites in all major KPIs including traffic, brand support, ad clickthru, engagements, content downloads, and lead generation.

Find out how to leverage SMARTsites for your education and lead generation efforts today.