Research Services

Actionable Insights for Better Results

Research drives the most successful marketing strategies and fuels the best content marketing campaigns. Effective planning, messaging, and content all depend on having the right data about what the market needs – their pain points, how they make their decisions, their information requirements, and their experiences with their own clients.

Our Research Services cover everything from campaign planning, content development and program evaluation – the before, during and after of your marketing efforts.

QuickPulse Studies: Build Data-Driven Content

For when you need answers fast. QuickPulse Studies are fully-customizable 12-question surveys that help position the value proposition of your solution around what matters to to the market right now. Capture insights that empower you to respond with market solutions quickly via timely, relevant and compelling content. Data can be integrated into content (content is purchased separately).

Editorial Research Sponsorships: Multi-platform Thought Leadership

Align yourself with our editorial research programs to simultaneously gain in-depth market insights and support your position as an industry thought leader. Sponsors choose from our planned topics, submit proprietary questions and gain exposure via cross-platform editorial presentation of the results, including webcasts, in-book and online coverage, videos and more.

Custom Research: Listen to the Market

Dive even deeper into your target audience for the exact intelligence you need to help them succeed. Our custom market research can provide detailed answers on the topic of your choice to inform your planning, content creation and overall marketing strategy.

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