Stand out among ever-increasing competition for your target’s attention with content that is more useful, relevant, personal and engaging.

Interactive content offers more creative ways to tell your story. Embedded interactive features and personalization tools transform static content into a compellingly visual and immersive user experience – tailoring the content to meet each prospect’s unique information needs.

Our launch suite includes 4 new formats – all include quarterly hosting and either guaranteed promotion (syndication) or guaranteed leads to best satisfy your marketing objectives and deliver ROI.

All formats feature responsive design and modern UX, plus turnkey design, content creation and program management. Fully scalable based on investment and content objectives.

Interactive Whitepapers

Interactive Whitepapers

The next generation of the content marketing staple – great for text-based, narrative resources you’d traditionally deliver in print or PDF formats (such as whitepapers, case studies, or research briefs).

  • Visual Table of Contents offers previews of topics for direct navigation & encourages deeper reading
  • Multiple chapters & navigation options
  • Variety of interactive features and templates – selected by our team to best tell your story

Interactive Infographics

Highly visual illustrations of data or processes with interactive features that bring your data to life. Convert your research, statistics, data points, and other insights into engaging infographics – rich with animated visuals and engaging elements. Also great for illustrating a process or family of solutions.

Features include:

  • Data presented via compelling visuals in a vertically-scrolling experience
  • Multiple opportunities for users to interact with data for deeper learning and lasting impact:
    • Quiz and poll questions
    • Flip cards revealing deeper charts and graphs
    • Accordion, expanding and scrolling modules enable deep dives into areas of interest
    • Use to organize other content assets and information resources into a narrative process



This visual library is your content front page to our community. Promote content resources (new or existing), events, webcasts and solution information; feature your experts or clients; and drive leads and/or traffic back to your website. This flexible format offers multiple calls-to-action to align to your long-term content marketing goals.

  • Each mosaic tile can feature an individual expert, client profile, resource asset, videos, webcast, blog post, downloadable, or specific call-to-action back to your website. The user flips each tile over to reveal more information about each
  • Enable prospects to self-nurture as they explore the full range of your resources on a topic
  • Registration gating at the asset level – some assets can be used for lead generation while some can be open to generate demand and interest. A full funnel content experience.

Interactive Planners: The Ultimate in Customer-Centric Content

Planners generate individual, personalized recommendations based on each user’s answers to a series of questions – about themselves, their organizations, and their priorities and challenges. The result is a highly relevant content experience for the user – and robust engagement data for the sponsor. Instant results provides immediate information benefits to busy professionals.

  • Question sequence defines target segment and identifies pain points, priorities or areas of need
  • Culminates in a personalized recommendation page based on the needs and priorities chosen by the target
  • Personalized recommendation page offers multiple opportunities to guide the next step of the target’s journey – leading to more content discovery and next actions. Great for demand generation and/or driving to related content on your website.

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