Customer Acquisition & Recruitment

An integrated system for maximizing conversions and ROI.

Your business depends on having the right people engaged with your company. Whether you are recruiting new talent, building new distribution channels, or trying to gain market share through your existing network, we can create a customized solution that engages the right targets and maximizes conversions with the best prospects.

Our fully customized content marketing, webcast, and event programs can be tailored to your target and desired outcome, all powered by the most sophisticated database in the industry. We provide unprecedented targeting (such as competitive agents, brokers, and advisors), profiling and segmentation based on hundreds of profile attributes and business affiliations.

And, we understand that not all registrations are created equal. We offer scoring, nurturing and managed CRM programs that help minimize waste and maximize revenue.

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Did you know?

Outsourced lead generation gives you 43 percent better results than in-house.