Blogs & Social Media

A Unified Approach to Fragmented Information Consumption

Social media and social content are no longer experimental tactics; they are a critical piece of a communication strategy that supports your goals for brand awareness, customer acquisition, channel development and recruitment. Today’s constantly connected – and increasingly distracted – world means the need for frequent, multi-channel, two-way communication is greater than ever.

What does that mean for you? That some of the most effective platforms for driving conversations can also be some of the most exhausting for marketers to maintain.

Our team can help you meet that demand by creating a social content strategy that helps you embrace the variety of communication platforms used by the modern professional. Our editors can create new streams of compliance-friendly, authoritative content for your own website and social channels, amplify your message on established community platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, and connect your existing content platforms into a unified outreach stream for easy discovery of your experts and resources.

All programs are designed to synergize with your overall marketing goals and programs and all provide measurable results.

Contact us and get your social conversations started.

Did you know?

B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t.